The Deception of Cigarette Ads

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The tobacco company advertisers are very smart. Their job is actually cut down to a good extent owing to the properties of the product they are selling. Cigarettes cause instant addiction. The moment you smoke your first cigarette, nicotine enters your blood stream. After you finish smoking it starts leaving your blood stream, you experience a lack of something inside you and your body asks for “one more”. It’s that simple. Smoking has nothing to do with enjoyment but everything to do with addiction. Smoking addiction is not enjoyable, ask any smoker. The problem is most smokers are not honest with themselves, they want to believe that they smoking out of conscious choice to enjoy themselves, nicotine has just claimed a permanent customer for the tobacco industries.

All that the cigarette companies need to do is get their prospective customer to have one smoke. Most smokers get hooked into a life time of smoking after their first smoke. For some it might take a few more but the first cigarette is usually the death knoll in most cases.

The subconscious conditioning

Cigarette advertisers understand the concept of subconscious conditioning.

In a nutshell subconscious conditioning is all about the message which goes to your brain without your conscious knowledge. For instance, if I ask you to inject a small dose of heroin into your veins you step back in shock and put up an instant denial. Your mind immediately pictures the horrors of a heroin addict, the sunken eyes, the debased body, the punctured veins, needle stabs and the craving. How did this happen? Through the movies, ads, books, discussions and news.

Do you actually remember reading anything about heroin addiction specifically out of your own interest?

May be not, but still you have a very vivid picture of what a heroin addict goes through. For many smokers the idea of smoking marijuana is dreadful. They think about getting stoned and becoming a regular drug addict, the irony is that they got hooked to a substance more potently addictive than marijuana. Pot smokers everywhere know this to be a fact.

Then why is it that you are scared of trying marijuana once? Because of your subconscious conditioning which has associated marijuana with a narcotic drug taken by drug addicts which you think you are not.

The cigarette ads developed by the tobacco companies have succeeded in imprinting this message into the minds of the populace the smoking cigarettes is cool, it’s not a drug, it’s a pleasure mechanism, it’s a man thing to do and boy they did succeed at their campaign.

Most of us think that cigarette addiction is not an addiction at all, we don’t ever see it for its true face.

Cigarettes and the subconscious programming

The hero of a movie heads for the war zone, there is a calm on his face and he puffs a huge cloud of smoke as if he has just blown his fear away. The soldiers going to war, in the war movies, are shown to have a smoke before taking up their weapons, the message is not apparent but subconscious mind records it.

The message it records is that smoking makes you feel calm and confident. There are ads which show the smoking gives you a manly image, most movies picture this.

The message is always hidden and is read by the subconscious mind. You see a bunch of men sitting by the bar and having fun, each has a cigarette in his hand. You see your college seniors puff smoke around with a reckless attitude and they are called the studs.

The non-smoker is usually the geek or unmanly guy in any movie or ad shown in the TV. The message that goes to the subconscious mind is that real men smoke cigarettes and its unmanly not to smoke.

You see a CEO go about his hectic schedule while continuously smoking in between, you picture a hardworking man and cigarette together. Your mind makes cigarette a hero.

Most of the ad campaigns are very subconscious, have you ever seen a blatant ad promoting cigarettes on your TV?

If there was a blatant promotion of cigarettes then your conscious mind will catch on to the fraud which is going on. Your conscious mind is not involved at all, everything is happening at the subconscious level. That’s why you feel clueless about why you started smoking in the first place.

There are times when you smoke and find that you are getting nothing out of the cigarette, but then your subconscious mind reminds you that its manly and its supposed to give pleasure.

You consciously know that it gives neither the feeling of being manly (the opposite is true, since it causes impotence) nor does it give any pleasure beyond an uncomfortable feeling of increased blood pressure and suffocation. What you realize consciously is the reality. Get beyond your subconscious conditioning feed by the cigarette manufactures and you will see it for what it is, a filthy addiction.

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