Smoking is Anti Social

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It’s a sight to see smokers huddling towards one corner of a pantry lighting and puffing away while the non smokers stand a distance apart. The smokers obviously feel a camaraderie among themselves. I felt extremely close to my smoking friends than to my non smoking friends more because they did not make me feel bad about my addiction. It felt good to make some new friends based on the common interest we shared in terms of smoking. It seemed like I was getting better at being social.

Security among smoking addicts

The truth of course was the I was only feeling attracted to the notion of being among addicts so that I feel normal. Smoking in today’s society is considered an abnormality or an anathema. Aren’t you surprised to see that in your office you and your pal might be the only two smokers around? Maybe there are more in your office but I am sure you are seeing a sudden reduction in the smoker population. It’s like people jumping off a sinking ship leaving the ones who are still onboard to feel even more outcast along with the knowledge of their impending death. Smoking was a social thing to do some years back but not anymore.

Snuff is out of the window, so will cigarettes

In fact during the days of my dad it was common to see most people smoking various forms of tobacco and some inhaling snuff. Snuff is presently considered disgusting to say the least. If you are a snuff inhaler it’s a cinch that you catch a lot of people looking at you with disgust as if you were inhaling dirt. Society has changed, people have started valuing their health and they are better educated regarding the pollution caused to our lungs inside and the environment outside through vices like smoking.

Social dinners and smoking

Nowadays if you go to someone’s house for dinner you will need to seek permission to light up after dinner, the hosts may allow it but with a facial expression showing that they would rather that you don’t. It’s insulting to have someone ask you to not smoke inside their car but it would be more and more common. Society does not respect or admire smokers. There was time when most men smoked but that’s not the case now. If you are a smoker the chances are that you will have to stand in a different section of the pantry, alone like a leper, while people throw disgusting looks at you. Given that you wouldn’t care for any of, neither did I when I smoked, but still it will ride on your mind that you are now in a society where the possibility of becoming a minority is increasing day by day.

Growth of non-smoking locations

The non-smoking points have increased. Most of the pubs and bars have disallowed smoking inside their premises in some states. Smoking in public places, like the stations and offices, have been banned in some states. As an addict you will feel outrage against the society for plotting against you but the fact is that you are in a minority now. Smokers are now well aware of the fact that smoking is very less popular among the crowd. There are instances where a family can ask you to stop smoking even in a smoking section of a crowded restaurant. You will have to oblige them else you will face an opposition from a majority present. Smokers realize well enough that smoking is anti-social and far from being cool in today’s soceity.

The un-cool idea of impotence

Smoking is no longer a manly thing to do as it was in the olden days, in fact with the onset of impotence, and the awareness among people about this disease as related to smoking, the notion of manliness and smoking is gaining very less credence. It wont be long before all the cigarette packs are instructed to come with the warning sign of “smoking leads to impotence”, some brands have already started putting this warning in china, imagine the kind of looks you get from people, girls in general, when you are smoking with this knowledge. I have seen the trend changing and know that it will continue to go against smoking from here on in leaps and bounds. Smoking is a slow suicide and people are well aware of the fact now more than ever.

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