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Smoking Reduces Energy Levels and Makes You Feel Tired and Lethargic

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The continuous onslaught on your cells, which you instigate, every time you flood your lungs with fumes containing cancerous toxins laced with huge quantities of carbon mono oxide leads to a sapping of energy, which become only too obvious by the lethargic manner in which you start approaching life as you tend to smoke more and more.

Getting up late in the morning with a fog laden head, with your eyes resisting the wake up call, becomes a daily thing.

You attribute it to your increasing age or cover it up with other excuses such as “I am too stressed out lately and I need a break”, “ I find office boring and hence feel the lethargy”, but none of these excuses tend to explain the reason why you are feeling so out of energy.

What is happening is that your organs are increasingly becoming weak, your nerves are not elastic anymore and are hardening due to plague deposits, your heart is tired of working with extremely impure carbon mono oxide laden blood, the arteries around the heart are shrinking and hardening at the same time making it difficult to pump blood to the body, your limbs feel weak due to lack of blood supply again due to hardening of arteries, your lungs perform at a lower efficiency due to all the tar or other waste deposited along its lining, there is a lack of oxygen due to the habit you have developed of shallow breathing, your brain is foggy because of the lack of blood supply and the low density of oxygen in the blood supplied, your blood as such has become thicker (almost brownish) due to increased carbon content and it coagulates or sticks faster making circulation even more difficult.

Smoking is an energy killer

Sportsmen keep away from smoking for this very reason. You are no sportsman you claim, but look at how cigarettes have changed your lifestyle. If I could show you your clone who has not smoked through out his life, you will be surprised at the freshness and the energy levels in that clone.

Your muscles ache like hell for every pittance of a physical work that you endure, is it not? Just points to the severe lack of oxygen in your muscles. The more you smoke the more lethargic you become. Your mornings are lazy, your afternoon in the office is slow and unproductive, your evenings are lethargic to say the least. Even if you are extremely active in the office owing to the stress factor you are just pushing yourself to the limit and the strain will have dire consequences on your body.

Its better to be lethargic when you have sapped all your energy via smoking rather than be active during this phase else it can be deadly, you muscles and heart will not be able to cope with excess stress under this abnormal conditions that you have inflicted through your smoking addiction.

Getting your energy back

After I quit smoking I could see a huge difference in my waking up patterns. While I was a smoker I used to get up at 10.30 am or more at times. I would get up foggy headed and with no energy to even head for the bathroom.

One part of my brain would be aware of the fact that I was getting late for the office and I would scramble to find my pack of cigarettes. I would feel more awake after a cigarette, which was so stupid, but this was my normal state before I was a non-smoker.

Just few weeks after quitting (after I had gotten out of the nicotine withdrawal phase, which was no even close to uncomfortable) I was getting up at 5 am in the morning, just the way I used to when I was a studious youngsters preparing for my exams, before the youngster had become a smoking addict. I had lots of energy through out the day and my thinking was very clear.

I managed to work really fast and could see a visible increase in my memory. My concentration was at its peak, I did not feel the need to take frequent breaks to quench my nicotine hunger like I used to. Mornings are active, afternoons are full of energy, evenings are enjoyable and I feel sleepy at the right time every night. I have a peaceful sleep, compare it with the nicotine high sleep of my smoking days and it’s a like whole new experience.

What I realized was that smoking made me into a person who was not even close to half as capable as the non-smoking counterpart. Why do we inflict such a state on our normal bodies? The answer is that we don’t. It’s like asking a heroin addict why is he injecting a hypodermic needle into veins. A heroin addict spends his life in two halves, one half is spent craving for the next dose of the drug and the other half is spend in a drugged state. What a useless existence?

Would anyone in their sane minds want to live such a life? But isn’t this exactly what we are doing with our smoking addiction. Think about it, how different is a smoking addiction from heroin addiction? Not much in fact it’s the same except the fact that nicotine withdrawal is not close to even 1/100 of heroin withdrawal. Heroin addicts are on the path to death and it’s very difficult to save them because it would be impossible for most to get out of the addiction mostly because they won’t be able to endure the withdrawal pangs. With cigarettes the scenario is different, as long as you are an addict you live your life in that exact two phase as lived by a heroin addict. The first half is spent waiting for the next smoke and the next half is spent feeling fuzzy after the smoke or in most cases guilty after the smoke.

Your life is centered around cigarettes without you realizing it. You will sacrifice a lot for to ensure that you keep feeding your addiction. If your wife threatened to walk out on you, if you did not quit, you might make a choice in the favor of cigarettes. It’s a cinch that you will do just that.

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