Will You Gain Weight If You Stop Smoking?

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It’s indeed quite unfortunate that there are several people who smoke because it helps them stay thin.

If you are one of those people then you might feel threatened by the fact that you might gain a lot of weight after you quit smoking and this fear keeps you from quitting.

This article will help you gain insight into the reason why you gain weight when you stop smoking. Once you are aware of the actual reasons you can consciously change your behavior and eating habits to ensure that you don’t gain weight as a result of quitting an addiction.

Studies have shown that people who quit smoking do gain 5 to 10 pounds on an average, so quitting smoking and weight gain have almost become synonymous. The reason why your body gains weight, during the period of kicking a smoking addiction, is cited below.

Smoking kills your appetite

After a few months of smoking, it’s normal for people to lose touch with their sense of appetite.

Nicotine has the ability to induce the pancreas to stop monitoring the glucose levels in the blood and this produces a false sense of satiation.

So your body might be running short of sugar or glucose, the body fuel, but your brain might not be able to detect it because of the effect nicotine has on your pancreas.

The fact that smoking kills appetite has been well studied and there’s scientific evidence to this end. So smoking can reduce your hunger but only at the cost of body imbalance and emancipation.

Once you quit smoking your appetite will return to normal. If you eat a healthy diet of fresh raw vegetables and fruits to satiate your increased hunger, you will not gain weight and will help the body stay well nourished.

Craving for food increases when you are fighting addiction

It is common for people to feel a sense of emptiness inside them after they quit smoking. The deficiency of nicotine in the blood is the cause of this feeling.

The brain gets so used to the presence of a certain level of nicotine in the blood that it gets alarmed when there is no more supply. That’s why they say – “addiction is in the brain”.

Most people will unconsciously start looking for ways to fill up this empty feeling inside – their craving for food increases due to this reason. This is a primary cause of weight gain when you are not smoking.

You might be over-eating unconsciously to numb the pain

Studies have shown that many people who overeat are doing so to feel the numbness that accompanies a full stomach. When all your blood supply and energy is taken up by the digestion process there is hardly any left for the mind – so you might feel the bliss of numbness for a while.

But when you do this, you should realize that you are using food as a drug or anesthetic.

If you must overeat, switch to a healthy diet option like the HCG diet or it’s better to go for healthier options like fresh fruits, raw vegetables or dry fruits (like dates).

Your body metabolism comes back to normal once you quit

Smoking cigarettes cause your metabolism to stay elevated. The reason why your body metabolism increases while smoking is because of the stimulating effects of nicotine.

High metabolism causes your body to expend a lot of energy and this keeps you thin. Once you quit smoking your body metabolism will come back to its normal pace.

The food is digested effectively and since there is no unnecessary waste of energy, there is a possibility of a slight weight gain.

You may be eating for pleasure instead of health

Because you have quit on cigarettes, you will feel like rewarding yourself with extra snacks – eating pleasurable foods like chocolates, candies, ice creams, chips and cookies can become a habit with you. No wonder people gain weight after quitting on smoking.

You should exercise temperance when it comes to eating a lot of unhealthy food just for pleasure, in fact it’s more vital to eat healthy food after your quit smoking to help the body adjust to the metabolic changes.

These are the usual reasons why you gain weight when you stop smoking. As you can see most of the causes are self induced due to unconscious eating patterns. If you eat consciously and if you eat healthy, there is little chance that you will gain undue weight after you quit a smoking addiction.

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