Can you die from smoking? My personal story

I was a smoker for 15 years. I started early around the age of 16 towards the start of high school. I was a chain smoker during the last 5 years before I quit and averaged close to 2 packs a day which increased to 3 packs when I smoked while drinking. I loved smoking.

People told me I would die from smoking so much

During those days if I had come across a site which asked me to quit smoking I would have used a swear word before closing it. I hated people who advised me to quit and would mostly ask them to just sod off.

My common repartee was “I know smoking kills, I read it on the pack every time I smoke, but I still love it”. It was common for me to look down upon the health nuts around me who wrinkled up their faces at the sight of a smoker. Several times when I was in a restaurant people would come over and ask me to stop smoking since they had children along, I asked them to move to a non smoking section in no polite terms either.

My ultimate problem solver was smoking cigarettes

Life was good really, I had the ultimate solution to all my problems. All I had to do was light up

  • If I was lonely, cigarette was great company
  • If I was angry, cigarette was a frustration reliever
  • If I was excited, cigarette made things look even better
  • If I was dejected, cigarette made situations lighter
  • If I was hungry, cigarette just killed my appetite
  • If I was constipated, cigarette was a great friend on the pot
  • If I was stuck in a traffic jam, cigarette gave me patience
  • If I was not able to work, cigarette gave me concentration
  • If I felt sleepy, cigarette kept me awake
  • If I was nervous, cigarette calmed me down

I could go on and on. It seemed to be the best solution to anything everything in life. Moreover being reckless about my health gave me a sense of superiority over the health nuts around who were running scared for their lives. I felt like a stud when I smoked. Smoking felt manly to put it in simpler terms, it enhanced my male ego.

There came a time when I was rewarding every 10 mins of work with a cigarette break, did not work well for my boss but I didn’t really care because I was the best employee he had in terms of talent.

Cigarette felt great at any time of the day, I would feel incomplete without knowing that I had my pack with me. I could not imagine waiting for someone or taking a walk around the block without smoking. I used to wonder at the boring lives that non smokers were leading, almost pitied them.

I used to smoke Marlboros strong, the lights were not for me. There were times when I had an acute throat pain due to tonsils infection and the doctor would strictly warn me to keep away from smoking, I would switch to smoking lights till the throat pain went away. I could not even think of quitting let alone ever experiment with it. I was badly addicted but that’s was something I never came to terms with, to me smoking was always a conscious choice no one could convince me otherwise.

The body gives up after sometime, you are headed for death

There is a law of nature which states that every action has an equal and option reaction. It applies to every act we perform and we cannot escape the reaction. Smoking is one such action and any smoker will need to face its reaction.

The deadly bane of cancer, which each smoker is threatened with, is not usually the killer in most cases. Smoking kills in several ways cancer is just one of them. Its a proven fact that most people die of other damages done by smoking way before the onset of cancer.

The body is usually resistant to cancer unless there is a genetic defect, its not the same case with the other abnormalities that smokes impregnates. You will learn about all the diseases caused by smoking, all the damage that is done by cigarettes and all the life threating disorders generated by this life sucking habit in the further articles.

Can I die from smoking cigarettes? YES I almost did

I just know that it is imperative for you to quit, and I can relate to how you feel about quitting more than anyone else. I am aware of the only reason why anyone will want to quit, the reason is “To Live”. Unless an addicted smoker faces a life threatening situation there is little hope of his/her quitting smoking.

I quit because my life was threatened if I smoked anymore. I had a major chest pain before I was admitted to the hospital. I was diagnosed with multiple artery blockages and the cause was attributed to my heavy smoking. I underwent a 11 hour bypass surgery which was successful due to the competence of the doctors involved, this was an two years ago.

I was lucky to have survived, the chest pain I had experienced was mild heart attack if it had been major I might not have lived. The doctors asked to stop smoking as an ultimatum and I knew it was over. I couldn’t touch a cigarette after this experience. I quit cold turkey after a 15 year addiction because my life was at stake.

I did not even feel the need for any assistance like a nicotine patch, hell I did not need feel like taking another puff because it felt like poison.

For the first time I had seen smoking for what it was, it was a killer, a slow poison, a suicide mechanism.

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