Medical Opinion On Electronic Cigarettes

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Whatever the marketers may say, as per the WHO – electronic cigarettes are not a legitimate therapy for smokers looking to quit. This statement was made in September 2008. But what about smokers who want to continue smoking without the harmful effects of the several chemicals present in real cigarette?

E-cigarette could well work as a favorable option in that case as it does not contain any of the harmful chemicals present in actual cigarettes which providing the required dosage of nicotine to ensure there are no withdrawal symptoms.

Concerns on Safety – Electronic Cigarettes

The medical opinion on electronic cigarettes can be summarized thus (as of 2008), WHO had stated that they were not certain of the safety and efficacy of the product, since no legalized tests had been performed. The websites selling e-cigarettes were asked to remove any statements pertaining to the legalized safety of these products of from their websites.

The approved or legitimate nicotine replacement therapy products, in most countries, are nicotine patches, gums and lozenges. E-cigarette marketers go so far as to claim that this product is in line with the other legitimate nicotine replacements, but the medical proof has not been confirmed according to WHO (as of the reporting of the statement).

WHO has not discounted the efficacy of e-cigarettes in replacing the actual cigarettes, that are so harmful due to the presence of several carcinogenic chemicals. It had just stated that there were no proven tests for the same.

What Does the E-Cigarette Smoker Experience?

People who have tried electronic cigarettes, either through they own volition or as a part of research, have had differing opinions. Some believe that it is a useful replacement aid to actual cigarettes as it does seem to staunch the nicotine craving whereas others don’t see the point of using it. The latter group claimed that the urge to smoke real cigarettes was always present even when they were sucking on the electronic cigarettes, there was no substitute for the feel, the high and the actual act of really smoking a cigarette.

When you suck on an electronic cigarette it gives out nicotine fumes which you inhale. The usual quantities of nicotine present simulate what is present in real cigarettes. You can get the nicotine levels of regular cigarette, light cigarette and ultra mild cigarette. There also a simulation of smoke and there is a led which burns at the tip of the e-cigarette when you inhale.

Unless you are really looking to quit cigarettes to avoid the several toxic chemicals present in it, you may find the electronic cigarettes as interesting as a nicotine patch. Many smokers just don’t get the same feel as they would with a real cigarette and this in fact increases their craving for the real one.

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