How Does Smoking Harm Your Heart and Cause Impotence?

If only we were aware of the actual facts rather than the common knowledge we would be in a position to prevent a lot of harm. Common knowledge states that lung cancer is the disease majority of smokers suffer from, thatís far from truth. The major segment of smokers suffer of acquired heart diseases.

It a proven fact in medical circles that a majority of heart diseases are caused due to the rigidity of the arteries, because of excessive smoking.

Smoking is the main cause of heart disease in smokers

I took to reading a lot of books on smoking, mostly related to medical research and I was stunned at the amount of information which was available to me, which I had never heeded. If I had known these facts during my smoking days, I would have noticed all the symptoms of how I was harming myself an quit much earlier.

The body lets you know of all the symptoms of the impending crash way before the ultimate happens, but if you are not aware of what to look for you will ignore it just the way I did. The information is present everywhere around you if you search for it.

Smoking hurts your heart and your potency

I am sure most of you arenít even aware of this fact. Impotence, the most feared ailment among men, in varying levels is known to be affecting male smokers around the world, for some reason this information has not been made popular to the masses.

There are a few cigarette packs which come with ďSmoking can cause impotenceĒ warning and it will be made mandatory with time. Smoking leads to artery shrinkage and hardening which blocks the blood flow to the penis which leads to soft erections (in majority of the cases) and impotence (in severe cases) .

Once the arteries shrink permanently due to continuous smoking over a long term, the period may wary depending upon the personís current state of health, it will lead to permanent impotence.

Impotence signals how smoking is harming the heart

Signs of soft erections and temporary impotence could well signal the state of your heart. If your arteries are getting hardened you will have erection problems, and that means you already have a tiring heart. Your heart is not able to pump blood to your organ because of the narrowed arteries.

Men donít discuss their sexual problems, let alone impotence, with other men obviously because itís a slap to any manís ego to come out claiming that he is feeling impotent. So a male smoker would never discuss this with another male smoker, thatís the reason why very few men are even aware of the fact that smoking might be causing impotence in them.

I am sure there are lot of smokers who might be facing problems relating to soft erections and impotence who are reading this right now feeling tingle of sickness pass through them. The good news is that in most cases it can be reversed simply by reclaiming your health from the wraps of smoking.


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