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Smoking Reduces the Quality of Your Life – Give Yourself a Chance

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We are all going to die one day, its better to live a quality life and die sooner than to live a long life which lacks fun? A very common, well known and clichéd smoker’s argument. Well it’s easy to counter it by the below questions.

  • are you saying that since we are all going to die one day you don’t mind dying early? In that case would you intentionally take poison and kill yourself, because we are going to die anyways eventually?
  • Are you ready to step off a cliff and end you life (if I made you numb to pain through medication), because that’s what you seem to be claiming.
  • Does a smoker really live a quality life? You have got to be kidding yourself or else it’s just the nicotine talking. You are living the life of an addict for god’s sake.
  • While smoking cigarettes your existence becomes miserable, it’s not quality by a long shot.
  • Do you think a non-smoker does not have fun or does not live a quality life? By not inflicting poison into their bodies they have a better chance of living a healthy life.
  • A healthy life eventually allows you to enjoy more of what it has to offer. You will have more time, more energy, more love and more health to give to your close ones. Smoking cigarettes is bad for you and your personality.
  • Non-smokers don’t depend on an addiction to help them solve problem. Mostly importantly they don’t have addiction as a problem in their life.

Smoking cigarettes gets you hooked

Non-smokers are not addicts and hence they don’t have the symptoms of an addict which is to crave a substance to feel good. They live a normal life and have more time to devote to more productive things. A smoker is an addict and hence needs the help of a cigarette to get him through life, it’s not even a normal, forget quality, living.

This whole brainwashed idea of smoker lives a quality life has got to go. Thanks the ingenuity of the tobacco companies we have glossy ads picturing smokers as gods, while the opposite is true.

The harsh reality of a substance addict is shown in the picture of basking glory. Time to wake up and understand that you need to stop living the life of an addict. Any normal human being wants to live long and enjoy life.

A smoker actually lives in the fear of life, there is a continuous fear of acquiring a deadly disease. No one wants to die early and definitely not in acute pain in a hospital room, knowing fully well that there was no one responsible for your condition except yourself.

How is smoking bad for you?

The reason why a smoker lives in fear is because of the knowledge of impending doom. The only way to react to such a fear, that the smoker is aware of, is to light another cigarette. This is the final blow dealt by your addiction. The fear of death is masked by the fear of living a life without your addiction. Your addiction has claimed more importance than your life itself. Is it not strange? Don’t you get the point still?

The irony of the situation is that the fear of death or disease increases stress in a smoker and he beats stress by smoking another cigarette which takes him closer to his coffin.

Its a vicious cycle and the smoker has his battle with his addiction. When you know the strong hold which the nicotine addiction has taken over your body and mind, why do you still live in an illusion of control?

Smoking is not for enjoyment, it no longer is. You smoke to satisfy your addiction, nothing else. You are certainly not having fun, you are living in the perpetual fear of acquiring disease, lung cancer is just a few smokes away, you might have started off a non-reversible disease already, your heart might give in and so would your limbs.

You can sense your body weakening. Small things like a sudden chest pain or a nose bleeding will scare the hell out of you. The only way you can suppress this scare is by having a smoke.

It’s a wretched life. Accept your reality as an addict, know that you are not enjoying your cigarettes. Give yourself a chance for your sake.

The moment you realize that you are getting nothing out of smoking and that you don’t need a cigarette to feel good about life (you never did), you will quit smoking voluntarily. There will be no will power required because you are leaving something which gave you nothing except suffering.

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