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7 Common Fears Associated With Quitting Smoking

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If you are a smoker inadvertently you would have tried to quit smoking at least once.

The fact that you are still a smoker just validates that point that you are actually no where close to being in control of your habit. People who tend to quit depend on their will power to help them get through the phase of withdrawal pangs.

Unfortunately the whole mentality of “I am sacrificing a thing of pleasure” only fuels the desire to get back to cigarettes and detest life for putting you in position where you have to decide between the two. Every smoker secretly hates life for creating the dilemma between health and smoking.

If only cigarettes where good for your health what a utopia it would be, every smoker dreams of such an utopia. Nature works on the principle of survival of the fittest and wants health for you. Indulgence in anything which harms your health will put in a position of misery so that you finally quit, you can’t really beat this natural way of things.

Coming back to the topic at hand which is “fears that plague a cigarette quitter”, I believe the below points will well encompass most of the major ones

Quitting Smoking Effect 1 : Fear of a boring life

Most of the smokers live in the percept that smoking gives enjoyment to life. Life per se is boring if cigarettes are removed from the picture, for any smoker.

As a non-smoker it would be impossible for you to believe that such a state can exist in anyone, but this is the truth. A smoker is an addict who believes that his addiction makes his life beautiful. A quitter would usually spend a lot of time delving into the future and imagine living through his entire life without smoking again.

For most of them this thought is unbearable, almost dreadful, and hence they get back to smoking. Just remember that there is no truth to this thought. You were living a normal life before you started smoking, you did not consider your life boring. It’s just that after you start smoking your addiction makes you think that life is boring without the substance that feeds the addiction. Just shows how badly nicotine gets you hooked.

Quitting Smoking Effect 2 : Fear of not enjoying a party

A smoker usually enjoys his evening out with lots of cigarettes and booze, or if he/she is not an alcohol consumer then smoking is the single point of having fun while partying.

A smoker tends to believe that a party is incomplete without relaxing to a smoke. Just think about it, did you feel the same way before you started smoking? Does smoking really give you a lot of enjoyment during a party or it is just something you have started doing unconsciously as a habit?

Some smokers don’t know how they would deal with social situations without their friend, the cigarette, to give them refuge. If you were socially awkward before you started smoking, it’s a given that you will be social awkward even when you smoke. What has smoking got to do with feeling comfortable socially?

If you are not socially comfortable maybe you are a person who likes his personal space more, being an introvert is not a bad thing at all its just a way of life similar to being a extrovert. Smoking will not make you an extrovert by any means. Just the opposite is true, now you will have to avoid non-smokers at the party or the other way round.

Quitting Smoking Effect 3 : Fear of not being macho

Its ridiculous but true. Smokers, several of them, derive their sense of masculinity from their smoking habit. I found it extremely macho to drift smoke through my nostrils and make smoke rings out of my mouth.

The acts of inhaling and letting out smoke like a factory chimney made me feel macho. The fact of the matter is that being macho is just an attribute, some people are macho while some are not. People who are macho would never need something external to validate the point and people who are not macho would not become so by smoking. Lot of kids take to smoking to show that they have matured or grown up.

It’s mostly the movies and peer influence. Kids can be excused for not being mature enough to understand what maturity really means. An adult would behaves childishly by believing that smoking gives him a sense of machismo is deluding himself. You can be macho by building the strength of character not by becoming addicted to a substance.

If you did not feel macho before you started smoking, do you really think smoking fixed the problem for you? Be honest. Smoking is no panacea for character building.

Quitting Smoking Effect 4 : Fear of a relapse

The once a smoker always a smoker syndrome. Most smokers find it futile to trying quitting when they know that at some point in the lives they will get back to it.

It’s like, why should I stop smoking now and spend a few days in misery when I know I will get back to smoking later? Quitting for a lifetime would seem like an enormous task, an almost impossible feat. Nicotine’s talking of course. The truth of the matter is that quitting is simple and once you quit for the reason of not wanting to be an addict, to stop exhibiting the behaviors of an addict day in and day out, you will never want to get back to smoking.

There is no fear of relapse because you are clear about your purpose of quitting, which is not test your will power or anything but just a simple need to stop being an addict. If you quit to prove a point to yourself or under the duress of fear of health, there is a possibility of relapse.

When you quit knowing that cigarettes don’t make life enjoyable, but work towards the contrary, it’s a cinch that you won’t smoke again. Quitting for a week or so is all that it takes to get over the nicotine pangs, which again is not at all tough, as discussed above. After that life just becomes normal, you will not be living each moment of your life craving a smoke. Just quit for the right reason after understanding what it is that you are quitting. You are quitting an addiction which has started to control your life and health.

Quitting Smoking Effect 5 : Fear of personality change

A smoker derives his identity from his habit after sometime. He cannot imagine a situation devoid of a cigarette. While having coffee, while taking a walk, while hanging out with friends, after making love, after having lunch or dinner or breakfast, after getting up from the bed, while taking a dump, while reading a newspaper, while drinking beer, while driving your car etc. You get the picture.

Smoking has claimed invasion into every aspect of the smoker’s life, or so the smoker believes. If you face the reality, smoking has nothing to do with the way your life is. It’s your constant need to feed your addiction. Think about it this way, you personality is as it is but now you are living with an added burden of performing a substance addiction activity along with your normal chores.

Once you quit smoking you will still be the same person doing the same things (in a more energetic manner) just that you are now free of addiction. If being an addict is a figment of your personality its something you can do without, don’t you agree? You have a become addict for and for pete’s sake it has nothing to do with personality.

Quitting Smoking Effect 6 : Fear that you won’t be able to handle pressure

A smoker starts depending on his cigarette to get him through pressure situations. Think about how you dealt with pressure when you were not smoking? Were you incapable and needy when you were not a smoker, with respect to handling stress and pressure? I don’t think so.

In fact you did a better job at it than without a foggy mind which is strewn with nicotine craving. Smoking does not relieve stress, read my article on how does smoking hurt you professionally. You have added an extra burden, of relieving your addiction craving, on top of the usual stress and pressure of day to day living.

You will do just fine with dealing with pressure situations without the added baggage of addiction. I remember dealing with fights with my girlfriend or office politics by puffing on cigarettes for hours to get over my anger and frustration. Obviously it did not make me cool or solve any situation.

In fact in most cases I felt I was not clear headed and hence was not able to express myself properly when needed. After smoking a lot, my brain got too tired and body too exhausted of oxygen lack to care about anything. If that’s a stress buster for you then I don’t think there will be many takers.

Quitting Smoking Effect 7 : Fear of not being able to concentrate on work

Some smoking addicts relate their work efficiency to their cigarette power. Does not work that way, as I mentioned before smoking adds extra baggage.

It disrupts you focus and concentration by plaguing you with addiction symptoms every time you lay off smoking and sit to work. Smokers are known to be less efficient than their non-smoking counterparts for most cases. The smoking breaks you take not only disrupt work flow but leave you more tired and oxygen deprived than you were before.

How can that benefit your concentration? As a student I used to study for hours at a stretch, I had the power of suppressing restlessness. After I was a smoking addict I couldn’t work for 10 minutes without fighting the unconscious urge to light up again. Problem solving was a pain because it involved focus, for an addict focus can never shift completely from his addiction.

Cigarettes smoking is the cause, not the cure, for fears

None of these fears are cured by cigarettes. You are having to deal with all of these fears only because of your addiction to smoking.

Nicotine has claimed a stake on your life and it pretends to provide you with solutions to the problem it has created. Stop kidding yourself that your life is better with cigarettes in it. All of these fears are baseless and are the outcome of your addiction talk, there is no reality to it.

Quitting smoking or getting rid of the nicotine addiction is not tough by any means, it’s only too easy when you know that you are living like an addict and want to stop doing so. But I am sure you as a smoker don’t believe me right now, in fact my saying the quitting is easy might take away your last excuse for not quitting.

It’s all that there is, it’s an excuse generated by addiction. You can hate me for saying this but that is the truth, quitting is just too easy if you believe it’s easy. It can be a death wrath if you believe quitting smoking is dreadful.

If you have to quit (under force of natural reaction, like a heart attack or stroke) then you will quit and not feel any problems with it.

Addiction is simple to overcome, your mind plays games with you which you need to be careful of. Overcome your addicted mind by being clear about why you want to quit and the rest is easy. You will find that these articles will clear your disillusion by will showing you the truth behind the illusion created by your addiction.

It is easy to quit, trust me on that I ve been a smoker who has quit without problems, I will help you do the same purely by discarding the illusions created by your addiction and that of other smokers around you.

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