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Why Do Most People Start Smoking?

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The first time is usually a harmless flirt, do people have a choice when it comes to smoking? No more than a cocaine addict chooses to take cocaine.

The first time a youngster tries flirting with a drug it is a conscious choice. After that each intake is a desire instigated by the drug and is no more conscious than saying “I am hungry”.

In retrospection, as an addicted smoker, if you look back upon your life, did you ever want to feel this way? Was it a conscious choice on your part to get addicted to a substance which creates a craving every time you have to do without it?

Why do people keeping smoking even when they know it’s unhealthy?

Any smoker would obviously justify his habit by saying that it’s his/her personal choice. But a smoker really has no more choice than a cocaine or heroin addict.

It’s time to face the hard reality, without the sugar coating it; smoking cigarettes or in other words being addicted to tobacco is no less severe than being addicted to heroin, marijuana, cocaine, acid or any other narcotic drug known to man. Tobacco is a drug and a smoker is a drug addict; he is as helpless as any other substance addict when it comes to the choice of whether he should smoke? He has to smoke because nicotine makes him smoke.

Smokers never really realize the power that nicotine wields on them and hence think that they are, and always will be, in conscious control. Any average smoker will have you believe that they are smoking for the enjoyment of it, the truth is far from it and every smoker inherently knows this.

Does smoking give pleasure?

Does smoking really give you pleasure? Or did it create the craving in the first place and each smoke just causes the craving to subside for sometime, before triggering it again in a while?

Smokers are just fulfilling a craving and the craving was not generated consciously, the craving got generated after the first few cigarettes that they tried, after that each cigarette was just to “scratch that irritating itch” which develops due to nicotine addiction.

A smoker feels that a cigarette is his reward and feels that a non-smoker lives a drab life devoid of any such rewards. But the fact of the matter is that a non-smoker does not feel the need for such a reward. A non smoker does not feel the craving for a cigarette whereas a smoker does. So the plane of reference is all wrong.

A smoker is obviously not in the privileged position of having access to a tool of reward which non-smokers don’t have, but it’s the other way round. The smoker has gotten himself addicted to a craving which a non-smoker does not have and he just disillusions himself by believing that every time he fulfills his craving it’s a reward. Can you really enjoy a craving, something which you have no conscious control over?

Why do people not quit smoking?

A smoker once he has gotten addicted is comparable to someone who is made to live their lives in a pit or a jail as a prisoner, who is let out to enjoy the open world every few minutes or hours later.

Let me explain this more clearly. Let’s say there is this one person who was living a free life, enjoying his freedom doing what he pleased. One day this person decides to dig a pit for himself and chains himself to the bottom of the pit. After every few minutes or after an hour or so this person would unchain himself and get out of the pit.

He enjoys his freedom outside the pit for 5 minutes to 10 minutes and then returns back to the pit. He then chains himself to the bottom of the pit and waits agonizingly for another hour before he can get out. After sometime his life pattern becomes something like this

  • Gets out of the pit for 5 minutes (compared to having a smoke)
  • Gets back into the pit and chains him up and waits desperately to get out (compared to the period when he is not smoking and waiting to smoke)
  • Get out the pit again after a small period (a period which keeps getting smaller and smaller with time) and start again from step 1

If you are a addicated smoker then this is your way of life. I am sure you agree because if you don’t you are just disillusioning yourself. You live like a addict because you are addicted to a substance called tobacco, nicotine present in the tobacco to be more specific.

A smoker who says that he enjoys his cigarette is actually stating that he was banging his head against a stone wall for sometime and feels relieved when he can stop for a few minutes. Why did you start banging your head against the wall in the first place (withdrawal symptoms is what banging your head equals to)?

Non smoker live their lives without banging their head against a stone wall and you as a smoker live the same life for a few minute and return to the head banging routine. Do you still think you are more privileged than a non-smoker because you have the 5 minute break from your head banging? Don’t all smokers actually look at non-smokers in pity thinking about, how difficult their life must me without the pleasure of a cigarette?

The fact remains that a non-smoker never knows what it means to enjoy a smoke because he/she is not addicted to it and hence is not feeding a craving.

Accept your reality as a smoker

If you are a smoker accept the reality that you are an addict. Whether you are smoking 40 cigarettes per day or 5 cigarettes per day it’s the same. You are an addict, period. Smokers who smoke 5 cigarettes a day and feel good about their low intake ought to realize that they are living in the same pit as the smoker who smokes 40 cigarettes. It’s just that the period spent in the pit varies.

The smoker who smokes 5 cigarettes per day is no more strong willed than a smoker who smokes 40-50 cigarettes, it’s just that he/she is either not able to afford it or is scared to death about the health problems associated with smoking. There is also a possibility of their bodies not being able to take more than a 5 cigarette poison. Each person has a different smoking capacity. At any moment the 5 per day smoker can change into a 10 per day smoker because there is no difference.

Addiction, once it sets in, stays put. After every cigarette you smoke you can only look forward to the next. How quickly you have your next depends on your excuses.

If you are worried about your health then the fear would cause you to delay the next cigarette for a few hours, but during those few hours you will mostly be feeling out of sorts waiting for the time when you can put a cigarette to your lips and light it. Like staying in a pit, you are just waiting to get outside for a while. It’s not a life of a free person but a caged life of an addict.

See this for yourself in your pattern of living, if you are smoker. Isn’t this how you live your life, day in and day out? There are instances when a smoker would rather get the love making done with as soon as possible so that he can have a relaxed smoke (a smoker starts despising the prospect of having sex after a few years of addiction, soft erections, impotence, lack of stamina, lack of sexual drive and feeling of lethargy due to lack of oxygen in the most vital organs). Do you really want to feel this way?

Everything in your life stops having meaning beyond the next moment that you can light up, is it not so? For a smoker his next cigarette is the only hope towards living a good life. He wants believe that he is enjoying his life thanks to his cigarettes but that’s a totally delusional view point. He/she is not enjoying life but has made cigarettes the meaning of their lives and this was not a conscious decision.

The nicotine addiction started by the cigarette smoking spree takes decision in your life from here on. You are a slave to nicotine, to put it in a nut shell. If you don’t realize it right now and are basking in the glory of thinking that you are in control, it won’t be long before the harsh reality dawns upon you. You don’t enjoy cigarettes but just fulfill a craving generated by the last cigarette.

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