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Does Smoking Kill Your Appetite?

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Nicotine of course is the culprit behind addiction. The induction of nicotine into your blood stream has several seriously harmful effects on your body masked under the external good feeling sensation.

Nicotine kills hunger by sending the wrong signal to your brain or rather by inhibiting the right signals to reach the brain. When your body is actually starving for food, you blood sugar level dips. You brain is unaware of the crisis.

Let’s find out how.

Effects of nicotine on blood glucose levels

Hunger is usually felt as a reaction to the reduction in the blood sugar levels.

It is usual to feel a sense of irritation and short temper when you are hungry because of the low levels of sugar in your blood stream.

When you smoke you induce nicotine into your blood stream.

The nicotine travels via the blood stream to different parts of the body including the brain, heart, liver, kidney and pancreas.

When it reaches the pancreas it has a effect of blocking the production of insulin.

The pancreas under the influence of nicotine stop generating insulin or reduce the generation of insulin.

The reduction of insulin in the blood stream causes a rise in the level of blood sugar, medically known as hyperglycemic state.

Patients suffering from diabetes have a malfunctioning pancreas which behaves the same way. Due to this simulated hyperglycemic state the body thinks that there is an excess of sugar in the blood stream and does not feel the need to replenish itself with food.

This is the primary reason for the loss of appetite; it is highly ill advised to smoke before having food.

It messes badly with your blood sugar levels. The blood glucose levels drops due to effects of nicotine, which is an extremely bad scenario for the body to handle.

Glucose withdrawal symptoms of nicotine harm you

There are several weight conscious people, mostly women, who smoke primarily to kill their appetite. They are just playing with their health. This would have to be the most deadly ways of controlling weight.

You not only spoil the body’s normal metabolism but up end starving you body of blood sugar. An addicted smoker would rarely feel hungry, no wonder it’s so attractive to anyone practicing weight loss.

The cost of-course is the malfunctioning of several vital organs in your body, most importantly your brain, which are starved for blood sugar. Several smokers feel lethargic and drained towards the end of the day due to this very reason.

All their organs become weak due to sugar starvation, the brain being the most affected. As per research, nicotine leads to severe brain malfunctioning, they call it multiple shrinkage, blood sugar starvation being one main reason.

To take a balanced diet mostly consisting of raw foods would be the best way to fight weight gain, not smoking.

Harm Caused to the Pancreas

Several chronic smokers have been diagnosed with pancreatic problems due to the severe effects of nicotine on the pancreatic functions.

Patients with diabetes should completely quit smoking else they are in the danger of increasing their blood sugar levels by further hampering the functioning of their pancreas. Very few smokers are aware of the damage they are causing to their pancreas while smoking.

I will try to discuss the affect of smoking on pancreas in detail in a separate article.

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