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Real Facts and Dangers of Smoking Which Cigarette Companies Hide

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Are you aware of the annual turn over meted by a cigarette manufacturer? It runs in several billion dollars. Almost 50% of it is usually invested in advertising.

The governments are well aware of this but the profit made by the tobacco companies is so huge that it almost funds the state economies, no wonder the government is ready to play with the health of the youngsters than put a plug on smoking. I understand that we live in a democratic state and each person has the power of conscious choice. I am all for freedom of choice.

If you want to smoke then cigarettes should be available to you, I completely support that, because we are not living in a dictatorship oriented society.
But I hope you agree that to make a conscious choice you should be aware of all the pros and cons of the choice, isn’t it? You should be make aware of all the facts, even if they are really harsh.

You knew everything about heroin as a drug and you made a conscious choice to avoid it. Here are the things you know about heroin mostly

  • Heroin is highly addictive
  • It is usually taken intravenously, by injecting yourself
  • If the volume of heroin is higher than normal it will cause death or paralysis
  • Heroin is very expensive and its addiction leads to financial bankruptcy
  • Heroin rehabilitation is extremely difficult and the victim goes through hell during withdrawal

Pretty lethal facts, no one in their right minds would take to heroin addiction when they are aware of these facts. So you made a conscious choice to avoid heroin.

Mind you that if you really wanted to get heroin it is easily available, heroin smuggling is at an all time high and there are a few addicts around in your location, more than you actually think. So it’s not the availability but the facts that ensured that you did not opt to take heroin addiction as a part of your lifestyle. Fair enough.

Dangers of smoking cigarettes – The reality check

Are the tobacco companies being open about all the facts relating to the drug they are selling, namely tobacco (I hope you know it’s a drug, just that its legally available for economic reasons). How many of these facts are you aware of

  • Smoking tobacco is instantly addictive, nicotine is a strong addictive agent
  • If the level of nicotine in a cigarette is condensed into liquid and injected intravenously it will kill you in an instant
  • Tobacco contains close to 43 carcinogens or cancer inducing agents
  • Nicotine plays havoc with your nerves and works towards hardening them
  • In close to a year of smoking you can contract erectile dysfunction, impotence or soft penile erections.
  • Smoking claims the lives of 60% of the smokers through heart disease way before they reach middle age (before the age of 40)
  • Smoking is the main cause of Asthma in smokers
  • Smoking is not pleasurable but just an addiction, similar to heroin addiction. Cigarettes generate craving for nicotine and the pleasure is just the fulfillment of the nicotine craving in your body.
  • Addiction to cigarettes is no different from addiction to cannabis, marijuana, cocaine, heroin or any other drug. Tobacco is far more addictive than heroin or marijuana and the addiction is almost instant (after the first cigarette)
  • Smoking can cause permanent hardening of arteries and blockage which are not reversible. Leading to heart attack, permanent impotence for life (no more sex), limb atrophy (legs don’t receive blood circulation).
  • Smoking lights have no advantage over smoking regular cigarettes
  • Tobacco is laced with several other chemical to make it burn better. The names of these chemicals are no revealed by the manufacturers. There are more than 4000 different chemicals in a cigarette.
  • Nicotine withdrawal is the easiest to overcome (the fortunate part, quitting is easy), though its highly addictive. You will not face any physical pain during withdrawal and the withdrawal period does not last more than a couple of weeks.

Just imagine if cigarettes came with the warning sign “Cigarettes cause impotence in men” or “Smoking instigates restricted blood supply to your penis”. It would kill the sales of cigarettes almost instantly. Few men would continue smoking knowing that they are breeding the onset of impotence in them.

Men love sex and their manhood, impotence is an anathema for any man. Cigarette companies have spent billions trying to fight court cases, buying media support, suppressing information, bribing the government with promises of improved economy and mass brainwashing campaigns to ensure that the fact of “smoking related impotence” does not become popularized.

The moment this fact becomes well known they know their sales will dwindle drastically. “Cigarettes will kill your sex life by making an impotent man of you” imagine this caption (this fact) being advertised all over, most men will not touch cigarettes. Youngsters would become very wary of starting to smoking and the myth of “smoking is manly” would be a big joke.

The awareness of dangers of smoking cigarettes is rising

The brain washing induced through the years thanks to movies, ads and ignorant public will soon come to an end. That’s a good thing.

It won’t be long before cigarettes are seen for what they are, drugs which get people hooked and addicted. Cigarettes are not manly, they don’t give you confidence, they stink badly and they are totally un-cool. No girl would want to kiss a guy stinking of smoke, contrary to what is shown in the movies.

More and more men are becoming aware of how their smoking addiction is killing their sex life. Becoming impotent at the age of 30 is hardly something any man would look forward to. The awareness of how smoking leads to several heart diseases is becoming rampant. Cervical cancer in smoking women is directly linked.

Cigarettes are no longer a fashion statement that they were some 60 years back. People are seeing it for what it is, a filthy weed. No one wants to kill their bodies anymore and want to live longer, healthier lives. This is an era of health conscious people. Smoking bans are increasing in most of the public location and in several private firms.

The cigarette companies are losing out and it wont be long before they start shutting down.

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