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Side effects of Quitting Smoking & Withdrawal Symptoms

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Most people have several logical fears about how their body would react to a long term habit being stopped. Addiction is a craving and smoking cessation would definetely be uneasy for sometime.

It is important to quit for the right reasons, the most important being your health and relationships, else it is easy to fall back into the smoking habit as soon as discomfort arises.

The most common fears are usually baseless. In most cases withdrawal would usually be in the form of an empty feeling which lasts for two to three days. You would feel the need to rest and feel sleepy during these days. The best time to quit would be when you have ample time to sleep. You body is trying to adapt to the nicotine free enviroment after years of abuse, give it atleast 3 days of rest.

A few commom smoking withdrawal symptoms are as below. You may experience it for a week to maximum of three weeks, depending on the toxicity of your body.

  • Running nose and frequent colds
  • A sudden throat pain which last for two to three days
  • A feeling of moodiness after lunch and during the times you are alone
  • Feeling unrested and fatigued (usually doesnt last more than 3 days, make sure you get ample rest)

Just remember to relax and let these side effects, of quitting smoking, just pass you by. There is nothing to worry about, avoid taking medications. When you have runny nose just remember that you body is trying to remove the accumulated toxins in the form of mucus

Other baseless fears are dispelled below

Are there physical pains during withdrawal?

None at all. I can give that to you in written that you will not face any physical withdrawal pains.

I am sure you have seen movies in which drug addicts are shown writing in pain during rehabilitation. Don’t worry nothing of that sort is gonna happen to you. Even for the drug addicts in rehabilitation the pain is more mind induced than physical. Mind induced fear during withdrawal is your addiction talking.

Nicotine has a strong hold over your brain and it will take time to free your brain from it, maybe a couple weeks maximum. There are no physical pains to deal with here. You will be completely functional as long as you don’t keep dwelling upon how pleasurable it was to smoke.

Quitting through sheer will power without a foundation of a value system or in other words without really knowing why you want to quit, is going to be a failure in most cases. Will power based quitting is about beating yourself down, it does not help.

Your mind will make you feel undignified for being rude to yourself and will come up with an excuse to help you have a smoke, as a small reward for all the pain you have gone through. Get your reasons right, be ware of all the illusions meted by your addiction and quitting is a cinch because your mind loses its excuses.

Are there headaches to deal with?

Nicotine addiction withdrawal will manifest as a headache if you keep thinking about it.

You don’t need to worry about it, the headaches caused during addiction withdrawal have more to do with your mind working up situations to get you to smoke. It won’t be a throbbing mind numbing migraine based headache but a casual one which you would have felt even while smoking. A dose of aspirin would take care of it in a moment.

Will I start feeling restless?

For a couple of weeks you will face some small nicotine addiction withdrawal symptoms like mild restlessness or the need to sleep more.

Follow your body, if it wants to sleep more then sleep more. If you don’t feel like talking much then don’t. If you don’t feel like working much then do some light work without exerting yourself. All this is only for a couple of week under the worst case scenario.

Human body is highly intelligent and learns to cope with change instantly. Within a week you might not even feel the mild feeling of craving of nicotine kicking in. Most of the problem is just in the mind. The mind keeps talking about how uncomfortable you are, but physically you won’t feel any discomfort.

You would not see things like your body shaking or nerves twitching or anything of that sort. Small withdrawal symptoms like mild restlessness are a given but only for a few days. Rest plenty, relax and avoid undue stress during this period and you will be just fine.

Will I feel constipated?

Most smokers develop the habit of having a smoke before indulging in a bout of bowel movement on the pot. Majority of them smoke while sitting on the pot.

They swear that smoking helps in bowel movement. It’s just a mind thing, a habit which has developed. Some people drink coffee or tea before taking a dump. There is no concrete evidence that there is any help provided to the bowel by these activities. On contrary there has been evidence against it, but I am not getting into medical studies here.

I was a bathroom smoker myself so I know about the feeling. After you quit it might feel a bit odd to be inside the bathroom without your cigarette friend. It takes a little getting used to, I agree. You will not feel constipated or anything because of not smoking but just the habit of taking a dump while smoking would make you feel a bit odd about just sitting on the pot with nothing to puff onto.

You developed a bad habit and within a few days you will replace it back to its original state. You did not need a cigarette to take a dump when you were a non-smoker right?

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