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Any Pro Smoking Arguments is Your Addiction Talking

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Once you are hooked to smoking, you will find several excuses to stay hooked. That is natural for any addict. Your mind will defend your need to obtain the addictive substance.

Imagine a cocaine or heroin addict who sells off his car or house to fulfill his addiction, the addiction is so strong that it over rules logic and conscious thinking. Smoking addiction is along the similar lines, it will transcend friendships, relationships as well as your own survival instinct.

Your relationship with smoking is more important to you than your relationship with the wife you love or your kids, whom you adore. Do you really care for the fact that they will go through all the misery in life after you have left them (when you are cut down by cigarettes?), imagine the plight of your wife when she gets you admitted into a cancer hospital and spends all your savings on a treatment which is futile.

Smoking addiction effects your stress response

You addiction fogs you so badly that you push aside all these realities which you would end up facing eventually. Every time you feel nervous about what the future holds for you and every time you find yourself thinking about how badly hooked you are it’s a cinch that you will light up.

You find it easy to transcend the fear of death, fear of leaving your loved ones, deserting your wife and messing up your job, everything a sane person would avoid. You transcend all these fear or rather suppress all these fear for a greater fear, “the fear of quitting”. The addiction is so strong in you, and its normal for an addictive agent to behave this way.

Arguement of “life won’t be the same” without smoking

Think about it consciously and you will know that this is the most ridiculous fear you can ever be wrapped in. Do you seriously believe that your life is good while you have an addiction on? This is great example of how does smoking effect your thoughts.

How does quitting smoking effect you positively

Has smoking really given you a lot of plus points to ponder about in your life, beyond the pleasure of subduing an addiction every time the craving arises. You life wont be the same after you quit, that’s for sure. It will be a lot better.

  • You will have your health back
  • You will not go around smelling like stale tobacco
  • You chances of acquiring deadly diseases like cancer, heart attack and asthma, at an early age, would reduce by a huge margin.
  • Your immunity will increase by a hundred fold and you wont be suffering from the continuous bouts of coughing, sneezing, running nose and wheezing syndrome.
  • You will be able to sleep peacefully
  • You will get up filled with energy every morning
  • You will enjoy a great sex life again
  • You will have a lot more stamina
  • Your productivity at work will increases by many folds
  • Best of all you live long to enjoy a fruitful life.

Smoking effects you daily in the most negative manner

Just think about all that you are sacrificing just to feed a filthy addiction. It’s a monster and its taken possession of you, generating hunger pangs every now and then.

You live a life of hunger and deprivation like any other addict and find pleasure in the same? Don’t worry about how you life will be after you quit, it will be great. Your addiction has numbed you to the prospect of looking at how your life is right now, as an addict. Think about it, don’t you live like this

  • You get up every morning with a foggy head with no intention of getting up
  • You cannot start your day without puffing upon cigarettes
  • You have no appetite for breakfast or lunch and hence you starve your body further
  • Your concentration has dwindled badly due to brain lethargy caused by lack of oxygen in the blood
  • Your body feels tired by afternoon and you have no intention to carry on working
  • The only thing you look forward to is the your fling with your cigarette
  • You feel irritable all the time you are not smoking
  • You hate people who ask you to quit even the ones you loved before you got addicted
  • Your life expectancy is low and you know that subconsciously
  • You live in the fear of acquiring lung cancer, throat cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach ulcers, heart attack, stroke, asthma, bronchitis, angina to name a few. The chances of your acquiring them are increasing with every other smoke.
  • Your sex life sucks. Soft erections, inability to maintain erections for long, lack of sex drive and with time the fear of impotence. You can’t get the same hard erection that you used get when you were a non-smoker. You blame it on the age or stress but you know that’s not true. Men are known to stay potent even at the age of 70, how old are you?

This is just a small list of how your life has started to suck ever since you got addicted to sucking on the cigarettes. It’s true that a smoker starts off sucking on cigarettes and with time cigarettes suck the life out of him/her.

Is such a life really worth it? Are you really afraid of losing this life? You have got to be kidding yourself. Just know that the fear of “life wont be the same again” is just a fear of unknown induced by your nicotine addiction. Get rid of all your illusions and you will know that you don’t need cigarettes in your life. Once you quit with that understanding you will not be smoking again ever. There is a beautiful life waiting for you outside your addiction. Embrace it before the cigarettes claims yours forever.

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