Quit Your Smoking Addiction

It is my greatest privilege to have you as a visitor to this site. I am guessing you might belong to one of the below categories.

  • A smoker who is bothered about his/her attachment to the cigarette
  • A smoker who is terribly addicted and looking to quit
  • A non-smoker looking to get info on smoking
  • A non-smoker who has a cigarette addicted husband, wife or a friend

If you are a smoker you must quit as soon as possible. Now would be the best moment of course. Delay can get fatal. You may love your life or you may hate it, but unless you are suicidal you wouldn’t want to risk it. I hope you agree. So I guess we have already agreed upon something within such a short acquaintance, that’s a good start.

I wish we could exchange introductions, but this is a one way communication. I get to talk you get to listen. I write as if I am talking to you. We humans always read with a voice in our heads, so it’s like I am talking to you. Reading is as good as listening. Relax and read slowly there is no hurry. If you are in a hurry, take a print out and read when you are relaxed. This site is built with the purpose of helping smokers quit smoking forever. It’s a very important responsibility that I have taken upon myself, because I am responsible for your time and trust.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Steven Mallory. My only qualification to helping with your smoking addiction is that I was a hardcore smoker for 16 years. I started smoking at the age of 17, I quit two years back. I am 35 years old while I write this. I am not an NLP expert neither do I have experience in counseling or writing articles. I am not a hypno therapist neither am I a doctor of any sort. I am a computer programmer. I had a brush with death two years back. I was admitted to a hospital after suffering from a major heart attack. The cause was blocked arteries. My addiction to smoking was responsible for my condition. I survived but I never smoked a cigarette after my surgery. It’s been two years now. I learnt a lesson that my addiction had the power to transcend my will to live. If you smoke cigarettes casually or full time I tell you this: you are addicted. Don’t argue on this point, its futile. Your addiction will never accept that you are addicted. That’s too scary. We don’t like being scared.

All through out this site I will talk to you assuming that you are a smoker. It’s easy that way. If you are a non-smoker please don’t mind my false accusation.

Quit smoking and you will gain access to life you had before you got addicted. There is no such thing as a casual smoker. There are just addicts and non-smokers. Even one cigarette per day is an addiction. You gain nothing from cigarettes. I know you will not agree, neither would I two years back. It’s a fact though, cigarettes don’t give you anything. They don’t give relaxation. They don’t give pleasure. They don’t get rid of boredom. They don’t relieve you of stress. They give you one thing though, an addiction. Addiction gives the illusion of pleasure.

I was able to quit because I saw through the illusion. I read several books on the subject and I could figure out a pattern. Once you see through this illusion yourself then you will quit without any effort. You will never smoke again in your life. That’s a blessing straight from the heavens. I sincerely hope that you will quit my friend. You have no idea what a dreadful life you choose to live by getting addicted. It was not your fault though, no smoker ever wants to get addicted. Cigarettes have a different agenda though. They get you addicted, whether you like it or not.

If you are a smoker the chances are that you are unaware of several facts relating to the harm cigarettes do to your body. Cigarettes kill and there is no getting around it. It is important to understand that Cigarette is a slow killer and hence its effects are deceptive. A smoker may not even realize significant negative changes in his/her health until there has been a permanent damage.

The futility of statutory warnings

Let me share with you my take on the statutory warnings written on cigarette packs. It’s a joke. All smokers know that cigarettes are injurious to health.

‘Smoking kills’, how many times have you read this on the top of your cigarette pack but does it ever make you think twice about putting the stick to your mouth and lighting the other end? I don’t think it ever does. The whole point of putting a statuary warning on cigarette packs is a big joke. Cigarettes would count as the only commercially available product, beyond liquor, which blatantly states that its consumption will cause death. The manufacturers of cigarettes don’t mind putting this warning in order to abide with the government rules, because they know that no smoker would ever heed to it. A statutory sign stating smoking is injurious to health can never threaten a smoker

Its not just a cancer stick

I am sure you know that cancer is last thing you need to worry about while smoking. It’s a long term thing for most of the smokers. Smoking has other ways of killing you before you even contract cancer. Cigarettes attack your heart by working on your arteries. That’s the major killer. Heart attack induced by smoking has claimed 60 times more lives than cancer. It happens fast. Within just a couple of years of heavy smoking you can afflict your arteries badly. Some people have good immunity while some don’t. If you are a smoker just pray that you have a great immune system. If you don’t then it wont be long before people pray for you. I am not being funny here.

If you knew what each puff was doing to your body you would not touch the stick let alone become addicted to it. There is a lack of education among people about the actual ill effects of smoking cigarette. The only disease which most people associate with smoking is “Cancer” but the fact is most smokers die way before they contract cancer due to the other harmful effects of smoking which are not common knowledge yet.

The purpose of this site

To get you rid of your addiction, that’s the final goal. If I get you thinking about quitting it will be a great starting point. I don’t want to scare you with horror stories of what cigarette does. I do want to give you the facts about how smoking after your health. You might already be aware of several but there is no harm in getting a clearer picture. Ignorance is not bliss, it’s a fool’s paradise. Learn to live in reality and nothing would ever gully you. Somewhere along the way you got gullied by cigarettes. Its human to make mistakes. Stop living in a mistake though. Rectify now before it gets worse.

I was a hardcore smoker and I know smokers don’t quit smoking just because someone advices them to. I used to laugh at it and I am pretty sure you do the same. The only situation under which most addicted smokers quit is when they are faced by a life threatening circumstance, I did the same. When I look back I am stunned at my stupidity, I was playing with my life so casually. If I was consciously aware of all the actual damage that the cigarette was doing to my body I would not have been smoking so complacently.

There are lot of sites which advocate counseling, hypno therapy and some advocate using nicotine patches. If it helps you quit its great. If this site acts as a starting point for you to consider options of quitting I will feel very happy. You can quit completely just by understanding each article I have written. You wouldn’t need anything else beyond this source to quit. I consider this site as a final portal to quitting. More importantly these articles will give you deep insight into your addiction. You will never fall prey to addiction after quitting. You will not make the mistake of a relapse. So I urge you to read all the articles on this site. Read them slowly, try to understand what I am trying to convey.

I am not a professional writer and I have learnt basic web designing only to create this site. You can criticize my style of writing, I wouldn’t mind that. All I want is that you try to understand the essence of what I am trying to say.

While many rehab treatment programs focus on
addiction to bigger, more dangerous drugs, there is also treatment specially
designed for nicotine addicts.

If I had to write a short summary on what this site is all about, I would say the below

Smokers live unconsciously. Especially when it comes to one aspect of their life, their addiction. When you live consciously you will not be fooled by illusions created by your addiction. I want each article to awaken a level of consciousness in you. Once you are completely conscious you will quit on your own accord. You will not smoke again, for a lifetime, once you quit with clarity of decision.

How to navigate this site?

To start off I would recommend that you get your basics cleared about how cigarettes affect your health. Go through the articles under “Smoking Facts”. Read them with an open mind, there is nothing to get scared of. I don’t intend to make you quit by scaring you. That does not work. Most smokers already know what they are doing to their health. I understand this. The articles only serve to give you a clear picture of how smoking slowly deteriorates your body. Some of the articles in this section are purely fact based and discuss on aspects of smoking without reference to health.

The next step would be to dive into the “Quit Smoking Series”. Maybe you have no intention of quitting presently. I am not asking you to quit. You can even smoke while reading these articles at your own pace. I just want you to relax and read with an open mind. I ask for nothing else. There is no use quitting without being clear about why you should quit. Quitting through sheer force does not work. You will have a relapse sooner or later. By reading these articles you will slowly understand the various behaviors of an addict. You will be able to see those aspect in you. It will slowly negate certain delusions you had about smoking. It gradually cut at the strings of addiction. Finally it will get you clear about why you need to quit and how you can quit using aids like electronic cigarette and others. With that I will leave you on your own because you will not need any more assistance from me. If you understood the crux of these articles you will quit. You will not need the assistance of therapy or nicotine patches. Cure the mind and the rest is taken care of. I always believe that your internal state determines your external conditions. So don’t depend on external aids completely. You have the power to take control of your addiction. It’s your life at stake here. I am just here to help you clear your mind. An addict’s mind is a slave to the drug. It’s important to get rid of this slavery by denting the mind patterns which aid addiction.

Like I said before, I feel very responsible for your time and trust. I will not let you down. I need your assistance though, I want you to keep an open mind while reading. Also its important to read slowly and reflect upon certain points. Don’t be in a hurry, think slow. I live by this principle nowadays and it has helped me immensely.

Just for reference, this site was started on 21st feb 2009, not that the date is important in any way.